Why Cannabis Companies Need Female Leaders More Than Ever

By Jazmin Hupp
If there is one constant in the cannabis industry, it is change. As cannabis executives, our job is to build businesses that can successfully adapt to new regulations and laws, growing competition and expanding markets. Volatility makes it hard to develop long-term strategies with staying power, but there is something you can do today to help your brand compete for years to come: engage women.

Women business leaders and consumers will drive the legal cannabis industry. Women are creating a fair, sustainable industry, and we will be the dominant purchasers of cannabis products after national legalization. Businesses that align with female leaders and customers now are stacking the cards in their favor. What’s good for women is good for everyone.

Female advocates and voters turned the legalization movement into an industry. As the cannabis industry expands, women will be vital stewards of its social values. We lead with empathy and awareness, but we have to claim our ground now. The cannabis industry is new, and it is growing fast. The “old boy’s club” mentality that dominates established industries hasn’t had time to take hold, but the playing field won’t be level forever. Women need to take ownership today if we are going to lead a fair, inclusive industry with global reach and trillion-dollar potential.

Women have the opportunity to shape the cannabis industry as entrepreneurs, but our dominionce as consumers is inevitable. Women will be the primary buyers of cannabis products after national legalization. The brands that succeed will meet female customer’s needs and values.

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