Justin Rondeau examines tests from over a thousand brands every year, as Chief Editing & Testing Evangelist for WhichTestWon. Justin explained the Mega Image trend he’s seeing across the industry and some tips on doing better testing at WhichTestWon’s Live Event in Austin today.

Do Mega Image Homepages Work?

You know those giant brand images filling up new home pages? Looks great but does it work? Justin presented a case study from KinderCare, which had been fine tuning their home page for years but was looking for a big lift. After the redesign with a Mega Image, they experienced a 17% lift in conversion. That’s a huge lift for an established homepage but the resources required to pull this off are also huge. Unlike changing the color of a button, you’ve got to coordinate fresh creative that blows your brand out of the water.

Mega Image Tips

  • Make sure your photo scales with the browser window size.
  • DON’T use stock photos: make it genuine, make it your brand! At Tekserve we spend about $30K a year shooting photography of our employees and our customers, which you can see throughout Tekserve’s website. (If you’re looking for a team to do the same for your business, I use Meier Brand’s creative team.)
  • If you’re using faces, try to make sure the person in your photo is looking where you want the visitor to look. Faces grab a lot of attention and will be the first place your visitors look. If they compete with your main message you probably won’t see a lift.
  • Don’t implement blindly, make sure to test this. Although there are lots of instances of this working for other brands, your experience may be different.

Mega Image Homepage Designs With Movement

I don’t have testing data on these, but was intrigued but two Mega Image homepages that use movement to complement the design. Click through the images so see one very common and one not-so-common movement implementations.

Grass Roots Mega Image Homepage

Grass Roots Mega Image Homepage Transitions Through Several Images

Boundary Breaks Winery Mega Image Homepage Redesign

Boundary Breaks‘ Mega Image Moves With Your Mouse

How To Start Testing

Many marketers say they don’t have the resources to start testing but tools like Optimizely make testing easier than ever. Here’s a few tips on getting started.

  • Education is #1: The tools are great, but it doesn’t replace a sound education in testing fundamentals. I personally recommend WhichTestWon’s Live Events to start. You can also download their report on testing trends.
  • Hire a Proper Team: Optimization requires people. If you have no one, push for a part-time resources. If you have part-time resources, push for full-time, and so on.
  • Push for an Ideological Shift: If your organization doesn’t believe in a data-driven testing, you’re going to have to push for that from the top down. That means constantly communicating how your testing, the learnings and your results (good and bad). Showing the improvements you’re making constantly will build trust in testing.
  • Stay Curious – Question Everything: If there is one thing to look for in your testing culture, it’s insane curiosity. Do you question everything? Great! You’re doing to go well here.

Stop Sporadic Testing

Many organizations are testing as they like without a methodology.

Why It Doesn’t Work

  • No Long Term Gains: You may be small lifts but you won’t be able to scale that effect.
  • No Test Learnings: Just because changing a button color created a conversion lift, doesn’t mean you know why. If you can’t figure out why, you can’t apply that learning going forward.
  • Higher % Failure Rate: Your tests are much less likely to be correctly formulated if you don’t do this very often.

Why We Don’t Test More

The majority of organizations only have one person dedicating half their time to testing. It’s your job as an optimizer to build the case for more testing resources with a proven track record of successful lifts. If you’re not reporting back on your successes and continually proving your contribution on the bottom line, start now!

Testing Staff Members