Fifty floors below our Presidential Suite, in The Rio’s in-house tattoo parlor, a gaggle of Women Grow staff held back our own tears as we watched Liesl Finkler adding our signature red leaf to her permanent tattoo collection.

To say that we were moved by the experience would be an understatement. When we set out to start this company, we had high hopes for our ability to build a powerful network and bring positive change to the industry. But never did we think that in just one year, there would be a woman in our network that felt so connected to our company’s mission that she would have it permanently tattooed on her body. How have we created this level of brand loyalty? Our company, while for-profit, stands for far more than making money. We are a cause. We are a community. We deliver inspiration. We foster deep connections and friendships. We educate and empower women to become the leaders of the next great billion-dollar industry in America. And we know that to succeed, we have to do this together.

Sure, we are working hard to build a profitable business and promote a responsible cannabis industry, but we intend to change the lives and careers of thousands of women along the way. During our recent marathon of events in Las Vegas, every single staff member had a stranger grab her arm, then tell her through tears what the Women Grow network has meant to her business and her life.

These interactions lift our hearts and motivate us to continue our hustle. We value your stories so deeply that we not only want to hear them, we want to share them. We want to hear from you how Women Grow has impacted your career and life. Visit the new Testimonials page on our website, answer some questions, submit a few photos, and you just might see yourself featured too.

According to Liesl, one way or another, Women Grow is here to stay. Visit our blog to see a slideshow from the tattoo parlor and hear Liesl’s story in her own words.