Excerpt from The Oregonian

Talk to the host. Hoping to smoke at your neighbor’s cookout? Don’t just break out a joint while standing by the grill. Broach the subject when you RSVP or approach the host when you arrive. Keep your request short and to the point.


“It doesn’t have to be hard to ask, ‘Is it OK if we smoke a joint?'” said Belville, a longtime and frequent consumer who admits he’s rarely in social situations where marijuana use isn’t welcome.


If the host gives the go-ahead, ask where it’s OK to consume. Maybe the host thought ahead and set aside an area of the backyard for cannabis smokers.


“The host will say no or most will say, ‘Oh yeah, sure, go on the deck in the backyard,'” said Leah Maurer, a Portland mother of three who helps run a local chapter of Women Grow, a national networking group for women in the cannabis industry.


Maybe the host or hostess doesn’t mind if you consume marijuana but would rather you eat a marijuana-infused cookie or treat instead of smoking.


“While you may enjoy the smell and taste of cannabis, you have to take into account that not everybody feels that way,” said Jane West, who lives in Colorado and runs Edible Events, a company that plans marijuana-themed events. “You have to respect that. There is a smell to cannabis smoke, just like tobacco and more notably cigars.”

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