Cannabis will soon be legalized in Canada.

As exciting as that is, it is important we make sure the new rules benefit many, not just a few big business interests.

That is why we are launching the Craft Cannabis campaign.

We are a network of everyday Canadians who are standing up for small scale Craft

Cannabis because it benefits our local economies, and sustains our communities.

The cannabis industry has been adding value in BC and across Canada for over 50 years. We want to see the benefits of this industry grow, while honouring this Canadian tradition.

Stand with us, so that together we are building a national network to ensure that Craft Cannabis culture is included in the new laws.

We are consumers, producers, and small business owners who recognize the economic and health benefits – for individuals and communities – of a sustainable craft cannabis industry.

Imagine a world where Craft Cannabis is as accepted as craft beer is today.

Think about it. A multi-billion dollar industry based on a renewable resource that can bring healing and economic opportunity to many.

This is the world we are working towards.

Your dollars will fund Craft Cannabis’ digital outreach, events and lobbying efforts for 2016.

We are building a movement, to celebrate Craft Cannabis culture, and bring your voice and your values to decision makers.

Educate and engage:

We are creating engaging, educational videos and research so that all Canadians can better understand the many benefits of a Craft Cannabis industry.

Lobby the government:

Right now big corporations have the ear of policymakers, but what do the consumers want?  We are working bring your perspectives and concerns to decision makers.

Risks and Challenges:

Big business has a lot to gain and they have a lot of money for ads, lobbying, and marketing to push their agenda forward.

We all know the government’s job would be much easier without a craft cannabis movement, but anything worth doing isn’t easy.

So let’s do this.

We know that Canadians are ready for a cannabis market that reflects their values.

Other ways you can help:

  • Sign our declaration supporting Craft Cannabis.
  • Tell your friends about the benefits of Craft Cannabis industry.
  • Ask your local dispensary whether they support small local producers. If they do, send them to us!
  • Get involved in this new cannabis conversation.

This is our moment, join the movement.