Sarah Grew

Sarah Grew is a multi-talented entrepreneur in Northern California. Currently she is chairwoman of the Gold Country chapter of Women Grow, Director of the Sierra County Grower’s Association, member of the board of California Growers Association, partner at Sierra Sun Farms, specializing in organic, craft-grown cannabis, partner at The Ridge Café, an all-organic community café, mother of twin daughters, wife, artist, dancer and homesteader. She is passionate about treading lightly on this earth, employing sustainable practices in all her endeavors and engaging in her community. Sarah was raised to know she could be and accomplish anything she set out to in life and works to empower others to feel the same. Sarah was born in Minnesota and raised on a small dairy farm, learning the value of hard work, dedication, family and a love of the land. After 3 years at the University of Minnesota, Duluth she completed her degree in graphic design and new media at Wollongong University in Australia. Sarah spent a number of years traveling abroad finally settling in California in the midst of the “green rush” in 2007. She has owned and operated a number of successful small ventures. She lives with her husband and daughters on their homestead in the Sierra Foothills region of northern California.


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January 3, 2018

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