Goldie Solodar

Dubbed “The Knower,” Goldie Solodar has earned this title because of her deep knowledge of Denver’s cannabis industry. In 2009, she packed her bags and relocated to Denver from upstate New York and instantly fell in love with the Mile High City. She worked downtown as a small- business consultant for three years before realizing being cooped up in an office was not for her. Wanting to interact with more people and merge her education in cultural anthropology with her passion for the cannabis lifestyle, Goldie saw an opportunity when the state of Colorado legalized recreational marijuana sales. She entered both the hospitality and cannabis industry when she founded City Sessions out of her Honda CR-V in May 2014. She’s since built her reputation as being a passionate advocate for both Denver and its cannabis community. In 2015, Goldie hired her first employee and has since grown her team that works with individuals and organizations from around the globe. Having been raised in the land of hippies, Goldie has always thought that cannabis can play an integral part in enhancing one’s lifestyle. She believes that through education, the negative stigmas surrounding cannabis will slowly change and people will comfortably incorporate it into their lives for either recreational or medicinal purpose. Even as demand for her business has grown, Goldie’s goal remains the same: to break the stigma around the cannabis plant by teaching people about its powerful and unique qualities while having fun along the way. Since launching in 2014, Goldie has been the Keynote Speaker at International Special Events Society’s Denver Chapter, and City Sessions has been featured in Newsweek, Huffington Post, The Cannabist, the Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor.


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January 3, 2018

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