Amy Berliner

An advocate and patient for medical Cannabis, and an iconic figure among entrepreneurs and executives with an interest in this subject, Amy Berliner is the ultimate diplomat concerning this industry: Intelligent and wise, while both eloquent and persuasive, she conveys the importance of this matter with a balance of passion and professionalism.

As Founder/CEO of Aegis Biotech, Amy applies more than two decades of Senior Executive experience to the benefit of her company and to her research and development team. Her expertise, which includes senior-level positions as CEO/COO/CMO in Manufacturing, Research & Product Development, Technology gives her the insight necessary to succeed. Aegis is dedicated to research and development for Pediatric DIPG, CTI, CTE, ALS, MS, PTSD, and Opiate Addiction.

From her studies at the University of Maryland and LSU affiliate of LLU to her enrollment in the Medical Cannabis Institute for Clinicians, Amy is fluent in the science and technology involving this discipline. Amy is Editor in Chief of CannaHealthcare Magazine, the only multidisciplinary approach to Medical Cannabis. Launching in June of 2017, with over 60K subscribers globally. CHM will be also in print mid-2018.

Amy is a member of the Society of Cannabis Research, Society of Cannabis Clinicians, International Cannabinoid Research Society, International Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, Americans For Safe Access, Women Grow LA Chairwoman, in addition to her recognition for Outstanding Achievement by the National Association of Professional Women. Amy is also on the Steering Committee for the Colorado Cannabis Growers Assoc. Amy is a leader – and a public speaker – with the ability to know, and the strength to do, what is necessary for Aegis Biotech to continue to be at the forefront of innovation, technology, and research as it relates to medical cannabis. Amy is also launching the first California Chapter with GSA (Government Blockchain Association), and will in addition lead working groups in California as it relates to Cannabis Healthcare on Blockchain Technologies.


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January 3, 2018

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