via National Journal

February 12, 2015 They weren’t quite what someone would imagine a group of stoners to be. And that’s exactly what they wanted.

In pantsuits and blowouts, blazers and high-fashion buns, 60 or so members of Women Grow, a newly launched national network of female marijuana entrepreneurs, gathered at the National Press Club on Thursday morning for a press conference ahead of a two-day lobbying tour of Capitol Hill. There wasn’t a Bob Marley T-shirt in sight.

Hailing from across the country, the women came to Washington to lobby for specific policy issues: tax reform and access to banking—tackling what they consider two crucial obstacles to the legal cannabis industry in the states that allow for it. But they also made the trip to make the case to lawmakers, face to face, that pot advocates are more than a stereotype.

“We’re small-business owners committed to replacing the criminal market with a wellness-focused industry that provides safe and consistent products,” said Women Grow cofounder and Executive Director Jazmin Hupp. “We’re not asking for special treatment.”

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