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via The Washington Times Belt Round-up February 11, 2015

Cultural Moment

Time, culture and legislation march on. Assembling on Thursday at the National Press Club in the nation’s capital. Rep. Jared Polis, Colorado Democrat, and Women Grow, a national professional network for “women entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry,” the ladies say. Taylor West, deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association will also be on hand. More than 60 female cannabis entrepreneurs will then go to Capitol Hill to lobby their lawmakers, and industry sources.

Yes. Time, culture and legislation march on.


via National Journal February 12, 2015

Meet The Women Pushing Pot In D.C.

February 12, 2015. They weren’t quite what someone would imagine a group of stoners to be. And that’s exactly what they wanted.

In pantsuits and blowouts, blazers and high-fashion buns, 60 or so members of Women Grow, a newly launched national network of female marijuana entrepreneurs, gathered at the National Press Club on Thursday morning for a press conference ahead of a two-day lobbying tour of Capitol Hill. There wasn’t a Bob Marley T-shirt in sight.

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via February 12, 2015


Women in the weed business hit Washington, D.C.

February 12, 2015. A group of businesswomen hitting Capitol Hill on Thursday want lawmakers to recognize that the marijuana industry isn’t just a boys’ club.

Roughly 70 women — lawyers, marketers, business owners and horticulturalists — traveled to D.C. from around the country to try and convince their representatives in Congress to change marijuana laws.

“Women have never been more poised to be successful in a new industry,” said Jane West, co-founder of Women Grow, the for-profit company that organized the event. “We are about to create a billion dollar industry.”

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via February 14, 2015


Several North American states have authorized the use of cannabis, businesswomen organize to conquer this lucrative market.

February 14, 2015. “We do not want to be treated as Baronesses of drugs.” On the phone, the voice of Jazmin Hupp still smiling, but the tone is serious: she made appointments for a few dozen of her peers in Washington from February 11 to 13 for a lobbying operation. Objective: To convince the representatives in Congress that their business, marijuana, is all they have to make more “normal”.

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via High Times Magazine February 19, 2015


Cannabusiness: Women Take to Capitol Hill and Weigh in on Pot Legalization

Seventy-six smartly-dressed women from Women Grow, a national network of female marijuana entrepreneurs, lobbied nearly 100 congressional representatives on Capitol Hill this week. Their issues included tax reform and access to banking, two crucial elements to the legal cannabis industry. They also wanted to show lawmakers that pot advocates come in all types and that many are, in fact, women.

“We are small business owners committed to replacing the criminal market with a wellness-focused industry that provides safe and consistent products. We are not asking for special treatment but simply the same access to banking and fair tax rates as any other legal business,” said Jazmin Hupp, co-founder and Executive Director of Women Grow, in National Journal, of the organization founded in Denver in 2014.

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When you take 76 women to Washington…

Women Grow Lobby Days 2015 Recap

Our trip to Washington, D.C. last week for the first Women Grow Lobby Days exceeded our expectations and was another step forward to connect, educate and empower women in the cannabis industry. Our team of 76 women in cannabis, from 15 states, traveled to D.C. and joined together for a common goal: to lobby Congress to change marijuana laws and provide fair banking, fair treatment and fair taxation for legal cannabis businesses.

With the help of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), we were prepared. We were clear on our exact agenda, clear on the exact legislative bills that are hurting legal cannabis businesses and clear on what we were asking.


We started on February 12th with a 9:00am press conference at The National Press Club where Jane West kicked it off and Representative Blumenhauer welcomed everybody with kind and passionate words as well as telling us his history of support for cannabis legalization.

“I first voted to legalize marijuana before any of you were born!” and  “Regardless of how they feel about the use of marijuana, you should be treated fairly; banking, fair taxation.”





Jazmin Hupp then gave a very powerful presentation where she said…

Hi. I’m Jazmin Hupp, I am the Executive Director and co-Founder of Women Grow.

First – let me tell you what Women Grow is – and why we’ve become so important so very fast:

We are a national organization designed to connect, educate and empower professionals in all sections of the Cannabis Industry.  And because we wanted a place of opportunity that celebrated diversity as much as it celebrated success, we decided to call it: Women Grow.

Let me give you an idea of just how right we were banking on that this kind of organization was needed:

Women Grow launched last August with one chapter in Denver, Colorado. Just 7 months later we have hundreds of women and men meeting in sixteen cities across country every month.  Our community includes nearly 10,000 people in every stage of their cannabis career – and in every sector of the cannabis industry.

Women Grow’s success is proof that America’s next big industry will be inclusive from its very beginnings.

The legal cannabis market is the fastest growing industry in America and already employs over 30,000 people in 23 states. Last year, we served over half a million medical patients and generated $2.7 billion dollars in revenue that would have previously gone to criminal cartels.

Today, 76 female entrepreneurs join us on Capitol Hill to meet with nearly a hundred congressional representatives. With us are dispensary owners, cultivators, inventors, bakers, chocolatiers, extractors, scientists, lawyers, nurses and more.

We are small business owners committed to replacing the criminal market with a wellness-focused industry that provides safe & consistent products.

We are not asking for special treatment but simply the same access to banking and fair tax rates as any other legal business.

And we are here to demystify cannabis, replacing outdated, false ideas with evidence about the wellness benefits of the plant, social benefits of regulation, and economic benefits of this localized industry. We are here to share how we are creating local jobs and stimulating the economy.

The majority of Americans support fully legalizing marijuana  – and we invite our congressional representatives to join us in ending failed policy and supporting America’s fastest growing industry.



Rep Jared Polis showed his solid support ” …for the role that women have played and will play in Colorado and other states with regulated medicinal and recreational marijuana programs that help the industry succeed.”





Brooke Gehring’s Live Green Group had nearly $10M in revenue last year and for half of the year had no access to banking. They have lost over 34 bank accounts operating in Colorado over the last 5 years.





Taylor West of the NCIA explains “Because banks are regulated at the federal level, and because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, most financial institutions have refused to do business with businesses in the cannabis industry.”





After the press conference, we then made the rounds through the halls of Capitol Hill with the entire Women Grow crew wearing our signature red scarves as we dispatched in teams all day for over 50 appointments, meeting with staff representatives for each state. It felt good to see so many red scarves as we all crossed paths en route to our next appointments throughout the day. We definitely made a statement!




We ended the day with a group photo on the steps of Capitol Hill to capture the historic moment – the moment where the largest group of women entrepreneurs in cannabis have ever gathered together to lobby congress for the cannabis industry.

It was a great day!

Women Grow Lobby Day 2 1200px


We then kicked off the night with a fundraiser party for Rep. Dina Titus, one of our strongest supporters. We love amplifying the work she does for the industry.

Women Grow Fundraiser for Dina Titus