It’s July and the Women Grow Signature Networking events heated up the cannabis industry on July 7th. With multiple chapters celebrating one year anniversaries, and Leah Heise, Women Grow’s new CEO attending a couple different chapter meetings, women continue to show up to take this budding new industry by storm. Below we’re highlighting a few of our favorite social posts from the first half of July.

The Women Grow Chapter in Toronto, headed by Lisa Campbell, attended the Toronto Pride Parade where they crushed it with the slogan “We’re here, We’re high, get used to it.” Indeed.

Washington DC

The Dew Drop in DC hosted a packed house as lots of folks turned out to hear from Chanda from the National Healing Health Center. It’s one of the first dispensaries in Washington DC area, and the audience received a lot of vital information for anyone considering opening a dispensary.

Oh, did we mention Leah Heise showed up and talked about the future of Women Grow? Way to go, Washington DC!

Los Angeles

The Abbey Bar was packed to the brim for the Women Grow event that featured Yummi Karma – one of Women Grows’ Cornerstone Members. They gave an impressive talk about the importance of branding, marketing, and compliance in the industry. As women entrepreneurs in the cannabis space, they know the importance of being authentic and staying true to your original mission.

The Baltimore Chapter was full of gratitude as Women Grows’ new CEO, Leah Heise, gathered with her ‘home’ chapter to discuss the direction of Women Grow and the importance of each of our members. Without you we would not be here—we truly mean that.

Tonight, in #Baltimore, Leah Heise, the new CEO of #WomenGrow told a packed crowd how inspired she is to be leading such a passionate and innovative group of women. That includes you. ?? Our movement comes together on the first Thursday of each month to educate, empower, and cultivate women in #cannabis. We wouldn't be here without you and you're why 36% of CEOs in this industry are women. We hope you continue to be as inspired as we are. You are BAMFs. ? We hope you enjoyed tonight and will continue to turn out at these events. — #womengrow #dopefam #sativadiva #weedwomen #cannabiz #weshouldsmoke #cannabis #marynation #womenwhotoke #cannabiscommunity #chronicallythinking #likeaboss #ganjagoddess #highlife #highsociety #womeninweed #fueledbythc #bossbitch #ladieswholead

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The event in Vancouver, British Columbia was eventful for many reasons but did include our favorite social media post from the month of July. The Signature Networking Event featured speaker Hilary Black is an industry pioneer dedicated to serving patients for over 18 years. She is the founder of the British Columbia Compassion Club Society (BCCCS)—the first medical cannabis dispensary in Canada—in 1997. They followed that conversation up with a panel discussion on industry associations. The highlight of the event? THIS: 

Everybody say "WEED"! LOL #OhThatsTheVideo

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Sonoma County, CA
The mood was cheerful in Santa Rosa at Annie O’s Music Hall for Women Grow Sonoma Chapter’s 1-year Anniversary celebration. Co-Chairs Ilana ‘Sugar’ Laytart and Joyce Williams, along with Elaine Holtz of Women’s Spaces honored Lynette Shaw for her work in the cannabis industry. Known as a cannabis pioneer by opening the first dispensary in California after medical marijuana became legal in 1996, Shaw has fought the Federal Government to keep dispensaries open in California. Monica Fine with Absorb CBD and The Seasonal Apothecary was the featured speaker and educator of the evening. A full Aroma Bar was available for everyone’s enjoyment while DJ’s spun a great mix of music.


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