Krystol Sanders, Founder and President of Agents Alliance, LLC, has over fifteen (15) years of experience in the financial services industry. As an Insurance Advisor who works regularly with individuals and businesses, she specializes in insurance planning and financial education for business owners. Her primary focus is on long-term, prudent accumulation and preservation of wealth for her clients. She works with business owners that have a serious interest in the accumulation and preservation of wealth and who are interested in next generation planning.

Before founding Agents Alliance, she held the positions of VP at Popular Community Bank and Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, she originated loans for both multi-million dollar commercial and residential real property and luxury yachts.

Agents Alliance is a privately held insurance planning and education agency that offers services in financial education, insurance and financial planning. The agency works with medical cannabis collectives, cooperatives, dispensaries, cultivators, physicians, infused product manufacturers and medical marijuana advocates to protect their assets, employees and customers. Whether they are a grower, dispensary owner, supplier or processor, marijuana entities looking to sell to the public are businesses that need insurance.

Insurance coverage requirements can include and are not limited to: workers’ compensation, business interruption, theft, products liability, cargo insurance, BOP coverage, equipment breakdown, and cyber liability – particularly for those medical marijuana dispensaries that store patients’ personal information. Business owners need assistance with figuring out issues such as: What is my workers’ compliability? What are my liabilities with regard to theft, fire, business interruption, etc.? All Cannabis related businesses have unique issues and those issues need to be reviewed and addressed.

If Cannabis professionals have not already heard, Lloyd’s of London announced last week their plans to exit the U.S. market, Lloyd’s of London, considered by many, is one of the top specialty insurance carriers offering Medical Marijuana insurance for Cannabis professionals and their businesses. With their plans to exit the U.S. market, this will no doubt create a major shift in the Cannabis industry for those who have relied on the protection of their policies.

So, what does this mean for Cannabis professionals? It certainly means that Cannabis professionals need to start doing some footwork and gaining more knowledge about their policies, protection available and who they should be discussing their next move with. Below are a few simple questions that should be at the top of your mind:

WG_First50 Agents Alliance2– What do I do now?

– Is my policy secure?

– What do I do when my policy expires?

– What are my options for getting the protection I need for my business?

Action steps? Talk to your Insurance Advisor about your plan B and even a plan C if necessary. If your Insurance Advisor hasn’t already contacted you by now, consider getting a complimentary consultation and insurance policy review from Agents Alliance. It’s simple and complimentary! Getting a second opinion can be helpful when considering major decisions about your business.

To schedule a complimentary consultation and insurance policy review, contact Krystol Sanders at Agents Alliance:

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