Excerpt from FOX10 Phoenix 

Many budding entrepreneurs think now is the time to nab a piece of the pot pie, they’ve started a program to get more women started in the business.


“I’ve met people that are basically doing every kind of business, it’s just gearing that business toward marijuana,” said Lisa Francine Carter.


Lisa Francine is one of about 100 attendees at the Women Grow Networking event. She’s at the event to learn more about the cannabis industry, in which men account for 85% of the power players.


“Women account for 80% of household purchases, and 85% of healthcare decisions, so Women Grow felt like the feminine touch was left out of the industry a bit,” said Sara Gullickson.


The events provide both men and women with connections in the industry.


“It’s a safe place for people involved in the industry to go and share ideas about the cannabis industry,” said Gullickson.

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