… Women that choose to be pro-cannabis have to worry about the effect on their children and their jobs. Jazmin Hupp of WomenGrow a cannabis networking organization agreed saying, “What’s special is how many women are having their children taken away because of cannabis being in their home.” Hupp said, “We get at least one call a month from a mother who has had her children taken away or threatened to be taken away because she is a medical marijuana patient.”

So, it is a huge step for women to be vocal about medical marijuana, much less get in on the business side. “A lot of women are missing out on this brand new business, partly because of the stigma, that this is a bad thing to do.” said Hupp. WomenGrow is trying to overcome these issues. It promotes women to launch businesses through networking events and various programs. It also guides women to help with the political side of the industry.

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