Their understand of marketing fundamentals is impressive. Popular Marijuana store, The Farm, has a specific target customer:

the tote-bag carrying, socially conscious, natural-food crowd. She advertises her cannabis as pesticide-free, organic and, of course, locally grown.

Will Cannabis Business Shed the Stoner Image to Win New Cusotmers?
Photo By: Don Hankins

To stand out amongst 200 competitors, Jan Cole used her background in spa management to create a shop that customers love. The Farm transitioned from Medical to a Recreational & Medical because the City of Boulder regulations prohibit any company from owning more than one medical dispensary and one retail dispensary. They have a second store, Root Organic, that will stay medical.

Luke Runyon reports on the importance of rebranding pot away from a “stoner image”. Businesses need to get ready for a huge wave of customers to try cannabis for the first time. If you can’t imagine a future in which cannabis is as acceptable as alcohol, you’re not dreaming big enough. Listen to or Read the Full Article on NPR>>

The Farm was also profiled in Rolling Stone Magazine:

Everything in the dispensary is upscale and female-friendly: polished wood floors, antique display cases and no bro-culture swag.

Upscale Cannabis Dispensary Interior Examples