If You Support Legal Marijuana, Memorize These 13 Stats

Hunter Stuart, Huffington Post

Will the legal marijuana market really grow from $1.53B in 2013 to $10.2B in 5 years? Stuart presents numbers from the industry’s value. Read the full article>>

Whoopi Goldberg’s Denver Post Cannabis Column Kicks Off

Whoopi Goldberg, The Cannabist

Whoopi uses her first column in The Cannabist (owned by the Denver Post) to talk about her pen vaporizer which she says “changed my life. No, I’m not exaggerating.” Whoopi suffers from glaucoma and uses marijuana to treat the pain. Read the full article >>

High Tech: How Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are rushing to cash in on cannabis.

Mat Honan, Wired Magazine

From Vaporizer design to breeding, Mat Honan gives you rich profiles of up-and-coming cannabis business models. Read the full article >>

DPA’s Amanda Reiman On Why Women Are Underrepresented in the Marijuana Industry

Angela Bacca, CannabisNow Magazine

“Now, if we are waiting around for a heterosexual cisgendered male to decide that he is tired of seeing a girl with big boobs and booty shorts holding a bud in a magazine, that day is never gonna come. As women, we need to start changing the conversation.” Great to see some cannabis news about women in the industry! Read the full article >>

To Keep Business Growing, Vendors Rebrand Pot’s Stoner Image

Luke Runyon, NPR

The Farm in Boulder is a unique recreational marijuana store. The owner “used her background in spa management to build a warm and inviting pot shop that puts customers at ease.” Read or Listen >>

Pot Dispensary Layout

Photo by The Farm “Boulder’s Finest Marijuana Dispensary”

HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: April 21

Mike Adams, High Times

“The US Sentencing Commission voted unanimously to give the majority of federal drug trafficking offenders a reduction in their sentence.” Plus action updates from Maryland, Oregon, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma. Read the full article >>