We’re back with our monthly installment of favorite social media posts from the Women Grow community in August. This month we saw a lot of action at the Signature Networking Events taking place across the country, but our chapter chairs, members, and followers showing up and speaking at many different cannabis events across the country. It is truly inspiring to see the how many of you are growing your businesses, pursuing your passions, and ending the stigma around consumption and use of cannabis.

Our first highlight this month comes from Dr. Michele Ross. We were in attendance for Los Angeles’ Signature Networking event this month and were amazed by the turnout. Not only is the community growing significantly, we’re constantly seeing new people turn out to these events because they want to be in the space. We’re glad to see Los Angeles as such a warm and welcoming community for Women Grow.

Our Second favorite post comes from @rawnstet who attended the San Diego chapter’s Signature Networking event on August 4th. The event had an outstanding panel that discussed the science in cannabis—chemistry. Education around cannabis use and its benefits is such an important part of the Women Grow mission. We were happy to see a packed room and a great panel educating the community.


Women Grow celebrated its two-year anniversary this month and we’re happy to celebrate our continued record growth. One of the ways we’ve been able to impact the cannabis industry in such a positive way is by building spaces where women can come together to network and build positive relationships in the industry. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our members. So, when we see a new member post about the value they’ve received from our community makes us melt. Thank you for your support and your efforts to spread the Women Grow love!


Inspirational posts can be seen all over social media, but you don’t always see positive posts from the cannabis community, especially after the DEA’s backward announcement that they won’t deschedule cannabis. We’re happy to see @cannadreamer tag Women Grow in this post about starting a revolution. We started one just a few years ago and are constantly inspired to see how much more powerful we are when we work together.

We love how passionate the Women Grow community is and how hard we work to help end the stigma surrounding cannabis consumption and use. We can also have a wonderful time. This Women Grow fan recently posted this image from an event in Denver. It was right after a chemo session so it was important for her to unwind, relax, and enjoy herself. We are so grateful that she not only attended the event, shared the love online, too. We are truly honored to have fans, supporters, and members like these.


Women Grow!! 😍😍😍 #womengrow #cannabis #denver #ganjapreneur #endprohibition

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This image spoke to us because it’s a powerful reminder that as women, we need to come together to educate around the variety of uses of cannabis. If more women came together to discuss openly this cannabis use, we’d have a much different conversation today. If you ask us, mother really does know best, especially when it comes to ganja.

If you want to be featured on the Women Grow blog for outstanding social posts, just use the hashtag #womengrow. We’ll highlight our favorite each month. Thanks for your continued love and support and making our social network so vibrant and unique.