Barely a year ago we started with one chapter in Denver and have now launched Women Grow in 33 cities in the US & Canada. We have been called the fastest-growing organization in cannabis and couldn’t be prouder of our brilliant chapter leaders across the country. Here’s some highlights of our first year:
  • Created by Jane West, we have grown to three co-founders (Jane West, Jazmin Hupp and Julie Batkiewicz), five full-time staff (Candice Owens, Jazmin Aguiar, Paige Cecchi, Lauren Cisneros and Kristina Neoushoff), and many amazing collaborators (Susannah Grossman, Lauren Gibbs, Melissa Vitale, Natalie Simone, Amy Dilullo, Maureen McNamara, Lee Hart, Kendal Norris and Greg Wilson).
  • We started with just $30K in seed funding from our landmark Founding Members and have closed $250K in partnerships from our #First50 and are getting ready to launch our business membership directory.
  • We held our first Leadership Summit for 121 women from 20 states with ages ranging from 23 to 72. We also welcomed thousands of diverse entrepreneurs into the cannabis industry through events across the country.
  • We brought 76 female cannabis business owners to DC and lobbied for fair treatment of their businesses.
  • We launched our first online education series.
  • We worked with events and press across the country to place diverse speakers.
  • We have expanded so far beyond our Colorado roots that we’ve moved one of our co-founders, Jazmin Hupp, to Oakland.
We’re here to welcome you into the fastest growing industry in America. We’re ready for you.

The legal marijuana industry will never be this small again. You can see what we’ve done in just a year. Imagine if you started today–where could you be in 12 months?

Each month we’re going to reveal some of the challenges we’ve faced and how we’ve overcome them on the Women Grow Blog. I hope these posts will remind you that the road is long and hard but well worth it!

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.~Winston Churchill


With great gratitude,
Founder & Executive Director, Women Grow