Token Women to Tokin’ Women: Three Days at a Conference for Ladies Who Simply Love Weed

Token Women to Tokin’ Women: Three Days at a Conference for Ladies Who Simply Love Weed

Here was the big question, the one underneath the pot-leaf name tags and the thousand-deep crowd of women shouting mantras in the opera house and the slight smell of weed in our parkas and Melissa Etheridge’s ombré sunglasses and the après-ski-hot girls with angled haircuts and the shy 55-year-olds furiously writing down dosage information for their parents’ end-of-life care and the giggling grandmas from Oklahoma sharing their first vape: Of the existing billion-dollar industries, women are in control of none of them. Could legal cannabis be the first?

As women, weed, and control make up three of my top five interests, I had flown to Denver for the annual Women Grow conference to find out.

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  1. I need to be apart of this movement. I’m from PA and I’d like to know how to get something started here. I saw the organization on Weediqutte which was very inspirational. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  2. I would like to know more. I am very interested. I am from Alabama where it is not legal. I habe loved weed for 15 years but have stopped because of it being illegal and we’ll having children I didn’t want to influence them to break the law. I have traveled to WA state and have visited dispenceries there and absolutely loved it there! I have the option to move there and I would love to find out more about this industry and what type of position I could work in, wither it be my own business or work for someone else. I would love more insight and maybe a schedule of your monthly meetings. How can I be involved? Thanks so much, there is so much I would like to learn and be apart of such a great movement! My Dad still smokes to give relief for his chronic deteriorating back disease and my Aunt smoked faithfully until she died from Cancer….it helped her more than Morphine! Please contact me via email

  3. Hello 🙂 I’m so happy to see this movement and to b a part of it as well. I would love love love to b more involved though. I suffer from severe epilepsy where I have grand mal seizures only and I wasn’t diagnosed until I was an adult. It has changed my life in so many ways to suffer from epilepsy but it has also changed my life to find CBD as well!!! I am currently a spokeperson for cbd and epilepsy and have been interviewed on a news show in New York. I want to get my seizure story out there and I want to show people that there are alternatives to harsh pharmaceuticals. I no longer use any anti seizure meds only medical marijuana and CBD. My neurologist who diagnosed my epilepsy is also the person who helped me with the transition. I went from having multiple seizures a day or week to having one every 6-9 months now. I am not seizure free yet and I have not been able to go a full year without a seizure yet but I am currently taking 99.9% pure cbd and i hope to change my statistics into not having seizures for years!!! 🙂 I am so grateful to b a part of this growing and life changing alternative health care consisting of medical marijuana. I want to help where ever I can and being a woman in this movement makes me smile even wider! How can I help more? How can I b a part of the strong women in the cannabis industry and make a difference? My name is becca Sparling and cannabis is my way of life! 🙂

  4. A friendly enquiry from the uk.

    Hello, My partner and I have spent the past 8 years together expanding and growing our knowledge in the required subject, and continue to learn more and more each year with exiting results. We simply believe in the medicinal and benifical qualities in cannabis and it has always been the love of our lives via our dogs. Which is another factor for our usage, our 15 year old Staffidshire Terrior suffers from arthritic hips and all of the general aches and pains of an elderly dog. He was given pain killers from the vets which resulted in his head swelling up and having an awful fit for hours which was devastating to watch, I thought I had to put him down. I stopped giving him the meds strait away and tried him on a teaspoon of our home made canni coconut oil in his food three times a week. It’s been around 5 months now and my poor old boy really does have such an energy boost, he’s playing more with the younger two dogs, I havnt heard his joints clicking hardly at all and he seems no where near as stiff as he was last year with a super shiny coat. We are so happy that this can ease the pain in last years of his life with us.
    I believe that we would both be qualified to fit job rolls In the industry, I am interested in being involved in female roles and my boyfriend is just as knowledgeable and passionate as me.
    We have to be so careful this side of the pond as we are still and illegal country with most of the population still having narrow minded views which is going to take a while to change. Our full time jobs would never understand and we would be scrutinised for what we choose to do. I have been a proud user for years and love learning about new ways it can help people/animals. however most of my clients probably would not return to me if they knew what a big role THC and now CBD plays in my life.
    My main question is, would there be any possibility for citizens from the U.K. to join a team in this line of work over seas?

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  5. Yes. Yes. Yes! Excited to see what’s happening. I live in northern Michigan and access to medical Marijuana is extremely difficult. So many suffer-especially is this very rural, high poverty rate part of the state. Unacceptable.


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