Jane West

CEO, Jane West

CNBC has called her the “Martha Stewart of pot.” Inc. Magazine says she’s “The most widely recognized female personality in cannabis.” Forbes named her among the top businesswomen in the cannabis industry, while International Business Times declared her among the most influential people in cannabis. Jane West, Colorado-based CEO of the eponymous cannabis lifestyle brand, has emerged as a central figure on the legalization landscape, one who’s working to build a diverse industry that’s filled with companies, products and values that define the emerging cannabis culture.
When West lost her job as a corporate event planner in 2014 after her employer saw her consuming cannabis on CNBC, the working mother dove headfirst into the cannabis industry. She launched Edible Events, Colorado’s premiere cannabis event production company, one whose breakthrough “On a High Note” collaboration with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra captured international media attention from the New York Times to CBS This Morning to the UK’s Sunday Times. She also founded Women Grow, the cannabis industry’s largest professional networking organization, an operation dedicated to changing the perception of women in cannabis, both as consumers and as business leaders.
Now, as CEO of Jane West, she’s developing accessories and home goods that invite all women to experience cannabis, and building a global online community that celebrates the new legal lifestyle. In 2017, West partnered with a women-owned grow to bring the first Jane West flower to the Colorado market. Designed for longtime enthusiasts and first-timers alike, her sophisticated, user-friendly products are intended to elevate the cannabis consumer experience and ignite broader social change. As an experienced executive with a broad management background and an outspoken advocate for cannabis legalization, Jane continues to be a fixture of cannabis coverage on NBC Nightly News, Newsweek, TIME, the Guardian, and many other outlets, serving as voice for everyday Americans like her who stand to benefit – medically, socially and economically – from an alternative to alcohol and pharmaceuticals.


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December 15, 2017