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Personal connections are the key to professional success. Through the wide variety of events offered to members of Women Grow, trustworthy business relationships sprout from face-to-face interactions. Our Signature Networking Events, National Events and Social Events will get you connected, educated and empowered.

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Our on-demand webinar series was made to help you launch your cannabis business. From identifying cannabis industry opportunities and clarifying your ideas to building your professional team and crafting your unique value proposition, you’ll learn what you’ll need to succeed in the cannabis industry. Rent the webinars for $9 each or sign up for the entire series for $49/yr.


Partnering with the efforts of Women Grow communicates to the industry, your employees and customers that your business is female forward. To learn more how a partnership could benefit your organization, contact [email protected] or request materials.


Looking to get started in the Cannabis industry but don’t know where to start? We’re looking for volunteers to help curate events, run errands, do digital marketing & more. You’ll receive a crash course in the cannabis industry while networking with industry professionals. Click here to volunteer your skills.

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Women Grow chapters are started in states with thriving cannabis businesses and prohibition states alike. We have over 60 cities in the queue to start chapters and are working through them as quickly as we can. Please do fill out the chapter application form and if multiple women in your city have expressed interest, we’ll connect you together to start the chapter. If you’d like more cities to come online faster, please ask businesses in your area to consider sponsoring Women Grow so we can increase our capacity.

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