Cornerstone Campaign

Join Women Grow in building the foundation for a cannabis industry based on inclusive business practices. This is an opportunity to radically reimagine corporate culture to support equality, diversity, and true social responsibility.

Women Grow is seeking Cornerstone Members who are dedicated to creating an inclusive & fair industry. The cannabis industry can and should exist at the intersection of profit and purpose, but it is up to the leaders in the industry to shift the paradigm. 


Benefits of Cornerstone Membership

  • Largest professional networking organization in the industry with a community of over 20,000 professionals across the US and Canada
  • Female-forward network with 70% participants identifying as women and 30% identifying as men
  • Monthly events in the US and Canada (largest monthly event system in the industry)
  • Featured on the cover of Newsweek and in Forbes, Fortune, and The Economist with combined press impressions of over 6.3 billion
  • Business-focused dialogue with legislators on the right side of the legalization debate
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Unique Sponsorship opportunities every month at Signature Networking Events
  • Educational webinars like this one hosted by Cornerstone Leader Viridian Capital Advisors
  • Exclusive business to business member offers through our vetted network of business members
  • Advertising opportunities to our combined social media reach of over 100M, with highly engaged followers

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Includes All Benefits Listed Below. NEW Benefits Continuously Added!

  • Inclusion in Women Grow’s Speakers Bureau for one qualified person from your company
  • Quarterly Highlight on Social to leverage our 84M combined reach (content created by Women Grow, scheduled in accordance with Women Grow’s editorial calendar)
  • Quarterly Highlight in Member Newsletter (content created by Women Grow, scheduled in accordance with Women Grow’s editorial calendar)
  • Discount and pre-sale access to the annual Leadership Summit
  • Discounted access to select Regional partner events
  • Premier access to services from companies in our Preferred Partner network
  • Listing in Women Grow Directory of trusted companies and service providers.
  • Hire diverse candidates through Women Grow’s job board, distributed to over 50K professionals weekly through our bi-weekly newsletter
  • Digital badges for display on your website and social media
  • Access to Member Only events
  • Complimentary access to all Women Grow online educational content
  • Two All Access Memberships for up to two individuals to attend Signature Networking Events in any city (registration required)





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Includes All Benefits Listed Below.

  • Welcome Tweet and Facebook post
  • Pre-sale access to the annual Leadership Summit
  • Digital badges for display on your website and social media
  • Listing in Women Grow Directory of trusted cannabis companies and service providers.
  • Hire diverse candidates through Women Grow’s job board, distributed to over 38,000 professionals weekly through our newsletter
  • Access to select Member Only events
  • Complimentary access to all Women Grow online educational content
  • One All Access Membership to attend Signature Networking Events in any city (registration required.)






Women Grow, LLC (“Women Grow”) was established in 2014 to connect, educate, and empower the next generation of cannabis industry women professionals. We strive to create a welcoming, diverse work environment and increase career opportunities for our members.

As established and burgeoning leaders in the cannabis space, the actions of Women Grow Members are reflective of the industry as a whole. Therefore, Women Grow requires adherence to this Code of Conduct, and violation of the Code of Conduct may, in Women Grow’s sole discretion, result in suspension and/or termination of Member status and/or related benefits.

  1. Members shall respect each other’s achievements and diversity, and embrace that strength of diversity with respect to age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socio-economic status.
  2. Members shall not defame, abuse, harass, stalk, bully, threaten, or otherwise violate the legal rights of others or of Women Grow.
  3. Members shall provide constructive feedback and opinions about other Members and their businesses in a fashion that will facilitate a collegial, professional, and productive dialogue.
  4. Members shall conduct their respective businesses in an ethical and honest manner, adhering to the laws and regulations that govern their operations, and in a manner that reflects positively on the cannabis industry.
  5. Members shall refrain from misusing or abusing the Women Grow networks, online and off-line.
  6. Members will treat all those in their respective networks with honesty, respect, fairness, integrity, responsibility, kindness, and in good faith.
  7. Members agree to be part of a constructive, supportive, and positive mentoring environment.
  8. Members shall not, under any circumstances, resort to violence or threats of violence in connection with any Women Grow event, activity, or such other Women Grow interactions.
  9. Members shall be aware of, and take steps to avoid, potential conflicts of interest and competing loyalties.
  10. Each Member will endeavor, at all times, to strictly adhere to the provisions of any agreement to which such Member and Women Grow are parties.


I cannot tell you how important Women Grow has been to my marketing agency, Refined Bud. Women Grow gave us the opportunity to have a space within the industry to talk openly and honestly about women’s role within cannabis.  In a lot of other industries, competition trumps collaboration, but the mentoring and connections that Women Grow facilitate and encourage jumpstarts businesses and brands at whatever level they may be entering the industry. For example, Refined Bud was just a twinkle in my eye before I started attending the monthly events. Shortly thereafter, I had my first client, another Women Grow member. By offering scholarships to women in the industry to attend CWCB Expo, they gave 200 women the chance to cultivate relationships and learn from industry insiders. The best of the best. This rarely happens in other industries and if it does happen it is rarely on this large of a scale.  It’s been a true honor working alongside the Women Grow team, learning from their experience and expertise, but also being able to be part of their successes. They make each member whether they have only attended a single event, to a founding member feel like they belong in this space.  Regardless of where you begin in the industry — Women Grow grow has a place for you. Women Grow is a launching pad for any women interested in finding their fit within the budding industry.  I’m incredibly grateful to the Women Grow team for recognizing the importance of supporting women entrepreneurs. They’ve given me, and so many others the chance to grow and thrive in this industry — an industry that very few women dare enter a decade ago.

Linsey Pecikonis

CEO, Refined Bud

Women Grow was the best investment I made last year–professionally and personally. I have multiple new clients from WG and even have several new contacts from the recently launched directory. The monthly Signature events are a stellar opportunity to connect with industry representatives, colleagues, clients and prospective clients — and to see old friends and meet new ones.  The Bay Area chapter Signature events have been rich in bringing industry veterans in as speakers to inspire those entering the business, as well as those experienced in the cannabis sector.

Mary L. Shapiro, PC

Trademark and Copyright Attorney, Mary Shapiro Law

Women Grow has provided a well vetted and reliable network of businesses and entrepreneurs to support whatever may come up for us in the cannabis industry. As the conversation towards legalization shifts from an underground culture to an industry of budding professionals, organizations like Women Grow play a critical role in supporting a powerful and creative industry in problem solving and troubleshooting through the national paradigm shift around cannabis. Personally, I have found the support of other women in the cannabis industry to be necessary in not only keeping the legalization conversation moving forward but to demonstrate a new way in which industry can grow with women at the helm of being some of the most powerful leaders. Who women are in cannabis industry is unlike any out there and Women Grow provides the support needed to keep that thriving.

Nicole Kennebeck

Manager, Compassionate Pain Management

Being a part of Women Grow has been a very positive experience for the growth of my business and for me personally as well. When in Washington with the lobby days Women Grow organized, I got to meet one of the top executives of one of the largest dispensary chains in Colorado. We connected right away and as a result of that meeting her company picked up my line, and now carry it in all seven of their stores. On a personal note I have found that the women in this industry are smart, creative, courageous, and super fun to be around, and WomenGrow is a great way to meet lots of them.  I have certainly made some life long friends as a result of WG.

Dahlia Martens

Mary Jane's Medicinals

Cornerstone Leader Viridian Capital Advisor‘s President, Scott Greiper, leads a 1-hour webinar filled with information on the investment and business opportunities in the cannabis marketplace.