Personal connections are the key to professional success. Through the wide variety of events offered to members of Women Grow, trustworthy business relationships sprout from the face-to-face interactions of our members. We produce professional networking events, local social events, regional education symposiums and national speaking circuits where aspiring professionals can connect with current cannabis business leaders.
Continuing education is crucial to success in the cannabis industry.  With government regulations and market forces constantly shifting, timely and accurate information is critical to build profitable and socially responsible business models. Through local Educational Symposiums and national Women Grow Speakers Bureau Events, we provide our members with relevant content from experienced leaders on current topics in the cannabis industry.
Together we have more power. As the cannabis industry grows on a national and global scale, women have the opportunity to build a new American industry from inception and redefine the workplace to create environments in which we can flourish, define our own destiny and cultivate the next generation of industry leaders. Our programs, community and events empower women to engage with the resources needed to succeed.


Our On-Demand Video Education Series Allows You To Get Educated & Empowered With Seminars Made To Help You Launch Your Cannabis Business.
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1 Year of Women Grow: Our Annual Report

Barely a year ago we started with one chapter in Denver and have now launched Women Grow in 33 cities in the US & Canada. We have been called the fastest-growing organization in cannabis and couldn’t be prouder of our brilliant chapter leaders across the country. Here’s some highlights of our first year:

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4 Tools Female Founders Need to Forge Ahead in Cannabis

I make founding an ancillary cannabis company look easy. Women Grow went from one chapter in Denver to 30 across the US & Canada with over 1,000 monthly attendees in less than a year. Here’s a few of the unintuitive secrets to my success as a female founder in a male-dominated world.

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supporting inclusion in cannabis
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Marijuana Venture: Ladies Who Lead

Even in 2015, there are many industries that are still considered boys clubs. While men continue to dominate top leadership positions across the board, the farming and agriculture industries have long lacked significant gender diversity. There’s one segment of the market, however, that’s breaking the mold. The cannabis industry is brimming with savvy, innovative women who are invested in empowering their peers and leveling the playing field.

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Women Claim Your Ground Now. Why Cannabis Companies Need Female Leaders More Than Ever

If there is one constant in the cannabis industry, it is change. As cannabis executives, our job is to build businesses that can successfully adapt to new regulations and laws, growing competition and expanding markets. Volatility makes it hard to develop long-term strategies with staying power, but there is something you can do today to help your brand compete for years to come: engage women.

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The Women Hoping to Become New York’s Pot Moguls

Last year, whenever women asked Jazmin Hupp about starting a medical-marijuana business in New York, she responded with a question: “Do you have a million dollars?” Hupp is the founder of Women Grow, a professional network for women with marijuana businesses, and she’s used to helping others get their start in a male-dominated industry

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Weed Entrepreneurs Woo Women In Bid To End The Ganja Gender Gap

When Jazmin Hupp was searching for a container for her marijuana at the Cannabis Cup trade show in Denver, all she could find were boring, utilitarian glass jars. So she asked a vendor at one of the booths if he had anything more elegant. He offered to make her a jar in pink. … Her immediate conclusion: “You guys need some help.”

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Marijuana moms shatter the grass ceiling

Suburban moms selling marijuana is no longer just the plotline of the Showtime series “Weeds”. It’s a growing reality. Women are increasingly entering the marijuana market as business owners and customers, as the legal obstacles are gradually cleared and retail spaces grow in number. Women Grow, a Denver-based industry network for women in the cannabis market, estimates that about 20% of marijuana business owners in the U.S. are female.

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Women Grow connects, educates, and empowers diverse leaders in all segments of the cannabis industry. Together, we’ll start over 1,000 women-owned businesses in the marijuana industry. Founded in 2014, Women Grow is now the largest national network of cannabis professionals with Monthly Events for women & men in 30+ cities across the US & Canada. Our popular Speakers Bureau ensures diversity at industry events and in media coverage. And no matter where you’re located, you can access our Video Education series. We model corporate responsibility by fulfilling a social mission in a for-profit structure. But supporting women goes far beyond altruism! Women make 80% of healthcare decisions and even consume more alcohol by volume than men. Female consumers will dominate cannabis purchasing in the same way they already control 85% of consumer spending. The inclusive teams creating marijuana products & services that women love will rise to the top as the end of marijuana prohibition occurs on a national scale.

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