Trista Okel

Trista Okel

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Empower Bodycare

Trista Okel has been an active medical cannabis advocate since 2004. In May 2013, Trista founded Empower (End Marijuana Prohibition. Organize Women. Enact Reform.) BodyCare with a mission to help people ease their pain and lessen the use of harmful pharmaceuticals through natural, healthy pain-relieving alternatives. By creating well-branded, high quality cannabis-infused topical products, Trista succeeds in marketing Empower to a diverse, mainstream audience including professional athletes, trauma survivors, and “conservative grannies.”  Empower has been featured in many popular magazine and online articles such as, High Times, Massage Magazine, and Mary Magazine, and was named Best Topical Brand in the Dope Industry Awards in 2016.  Trista believes topicals will normalize cannabis, and she hopes that her work within the cannabis infused topical industry will help to improve the quality of life for many in the future.


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May 5, 2016

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