Tom Quigley

CEO, Infinite Message

Tom Quigley is CEO of the Infinite Message family of companies which work together to bring cannabis lifestyle products to market nationwide, including The Gluu – the first ever true B2B distribution, sales and marketing platform for cannabis culture and wellness products.

Quigley successfully built, ran and exited a goods for resale company, which distributed more than 300 products to more than 40,000 retail stores across the country with revenues north of $30M/year. He built national brands in a heavily state regulated industry and now, because of his personal cannabis journey, brings his extensive business experience to our growing industry.

After a serious health concern lead him to discover the benefits of medical cannabis, Quigley planned to head west where the cannabis industry was taking shape. In 2014, everything changed when legitimate medical cannabis legislation was proposed in Florida in the form of a constitutional amendment. Quigley dug his heals in and founded the Florida Cannabis Coalition (FCC), dedicated to bringing together Florida’s patient, activist and business communities together to ensure safe access and fair government and business practices as Florida’s cannabis industry evolves.

In October 2015, Quigley launched Common Bond Collaborative (CBC), a business development center for products in cannabis and sustainable sector. The 8,000 sq ft co-work style office serves as the nexus of the cannabis industry in Florida, home to such organizations as Central Florida NORML, United for Care, Regulate Florida, Veterans Unites, CannaMoms, Florida Cannabis Coalition, Florida Angels of Mercy and the Tampa Chapter of Women Grow.
The Gluu, FCC and CBC are all part of the Infinite Message family of companies. Infinite Message is a proud supporter of NCIA, MPP, SSDP, United for Care, Regulate Florida and the CannaMoms.

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December 8, 2015