Tahira Rehmatullah

General Manager of Marley Natural

General Manager of Marley Natural, who was recently chosen as one of Fortune Magazine’s top 5 women in the cannabis industry, is one of the most passionate young thought leaders in the business. Her enthusiasm stems from her belief that the cannabis industry touches on far more than simply cannabis consumption and economics. It’s about medicine, personal freedom, social justice, and education, particularly as more people around the globe learn about the plant and its many uses. When her grandfather passed from cancer, Tahira realized the often overlooked opportunity of cannabis as a medicine and as a mainstream product. In keeping up with the new and ever-changing industry, she continually reassess and reinvents her responsibilities – for each role, staff member and even corporate milestone. Ultimately, she aims to exhibit an evolving leadership style that progresses teams and contributes to the overall growth of Marley Natural and other businesses in the industry.


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June 5, 2016

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