Shea Gunther

Producer, Marijuana Today

Shea is an entrepreneur, writer, designer, and software developer who founded the first chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1997. Today he is the producer of the popular podcast Marijuana Today and runs 4Front Publishing, a company focusing on providing credible business news for the legal cannabis industry. Prior to coming on board with 4Front Publishing, Shea worked as an environmental blogger, covering topics like renewable energy, climate change, and politics for the Mother Nature Network.

Shea has a deep background in entrepreneurialism, starting his first company, a dot-com-era startup best described as “YouTube too early”, after raising $10 million in venture capital out of his apartment in 1999. He followed that up by co-founding Renewable Choice Energy, now one of the leading companies in clean energy. Shea has been involved with or consulted on many other startups since and lives in Portland, Maine with his wife and children. When he’s not working to legalize marijuana, Shea plays and coaches a lot of ultimate frisbee and likes to climbs around on rocks.

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Posted on

December 11, 2015