Sarah Duff

Owner, Freedom Fighter Farms

Sarah Duff has been a cannabis law reform activist for 13 years. Her activism began with the University of Missouri (fondly referred to as Mizzou) NORML chapter and Sarah was a founding member of Mizzou’s first Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter. After learning about Columbia, Missouri’s local initiative petition process to directly change laws, Sarah and a small group of activists helped put marijuana law reform measures on the city ballot in November 2004. One initiative decriminalized cannabis possession, and one legalized possession for people with a doctor’s recommendation from any state. Sarah is a fearless petitioner and campaign spokesperson and taught her chapter how to unashamedly ask Columbia Missourians to sign and vote for a petition to better allocate police resources through reforming marijuana laws. Both initiatives passed overwhelmingly and are on the books today.

Sarah moved to Oregon in 2004. She volunteered as a petitioner for Measure 74, the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Initiative from 2008-2010 and volunteered to help pass Measure 91, the legalization initiative that passed in November 2014. Sarah’s work for Measure 91 began by collecting almost all of the signatures needed to get a “ballot title” in 2012 so we could poll on the initiative and see if it could pass. We learned it could pass and we did just that. Sarah volunteered to do anything necessary to help pass the initiative such as calling media to make sure they didn’t misrepresent the issues, phone banking and canvasing door to door. The initiative passed with over 56% of the vote.

Today Sarah runs a business called Duff Johnson Consulting which helps match Oregon patients to growers and helps educate industry professionals through the International Cannabis Business Conference and Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference. Sarah also owns Freedom Fighter Farms which produces tincture, lotion, and helps put on events to fundraise for low income medical marijuana patients and to help further cannabis law reform. Both of Sarah’s businesses are proud sponsors of the Portland Chapter of Women Grow.

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December 10, 2015