Patrick Gagné

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Patrick Gagné

President and CEO of Avid Growing Systems Inc. and Founder & CEO of CannaCure Corporation

As President and CEO of Avid Growing Systems Inc. and Founder & CEO of CannaCure Corporation, Patrick Gagné put the right team together to develop a comprehensive growing solution that addresses the challenges of commercially growing marijuana.  Prior to his success in the green rush, Patrick was involved in building several companies in the telecom and logistics sector, giving him a wealth of experience to draw upon as he began to build his own.

His impressive background in data and telephony infrastructure development and extensive experience in logistics and contact centers led him to found MOS4 Inc., an enterprise specializing in customer communications. Working with a small management team, he raised and managed a budget of $2.5 million to test and apply the concept.

Marijuana cultivation being his true passion, he went on to found CannaCure Corp in Ft. Erie, ON., with a focus on testing and developing strains and products to provide effective patient care.  He worked extensively with the city to develop a plan to bring large scale marijuana cultivation to the Niagara region, and successfully secured a 122,000sf former pharmaceutical manufacturing plant from which to operate.

While waiting for final approval from Health Canada to begin operations, Patrick managed a team of professionals to develop processes and methods of cultivation of several strains of marijuana safely and cost effectively.  Though the aeroponics-based system they designed was originally developed as a CannaCure’s own competitive advantage, it became clear that it was too good to keep to themselves.  From there, Avid Growing Systems was born.

Since the inception of Avid Growing Systems, Patrick and his team have dedicated themselves to assisting other entrepreneurs with navigating the cannabis landscape, from the licensing process to establishing practices that lead to long-term success in the industry.  Patrick is passionate about educating cultivators on patient safety, product integrity and consistency, and energy efficiency.


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June 5, 2016

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