Patrick Cox

Managing Member & Vice President of Business Development, Tax Defense Partners

Patrick Cox is a Managing Member of TDP and Vice President of Business Development. Patrick has been involved in Sales and management for 20 years. Using his degree from Law School combined with his sales experience has enabled Patrick to excel at leadership. His background along with his attention to detail has led to success at every step in his career. He has interfaced with all top level executives throughout the country to establish the necessary criteria for a successful sales organization. Early in his career, he specialized in successful negotiations of numerous local and state police union contracts. Patrick’s interactions with top union and state officials started his development in sales and strategic planning.

Today, as a Managing Member and VP of Business Development for TDP, he is responsible for revenue generation and day to day operations of the sales department. Using Key Performance Indicators and coaching has led him to success and growth for TDP. He collaborates with Marketing and Finance to create a vision that ensures success.


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July 11, 2016

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