Nicole Kennebeck

Director of Retail Operations, Ajoya

Nicole Kennebeck began working for Ajoya in December 2011. Formerly Compassionate Pain Management, Ajoya is transforming the cannabis experience by providing individualized care to help customers choose quality products and accessories that meet their needs and preferences. Kennebeck worked her way up through the organization and now serves as Ajoya’s Director of Retail Operations. In this position, she hires, trains and manages staff; develops and implements standard operating procedures to improve employee performance and retail sales; and manages social media and marketing, networking and public relations.

Nicole combines her keen interest for the cannabis industry with knowledge and experience she’s gained from attending numerous leadership trainings. She is constantly looking for innovative and creative ways to inspire her staff, increase sales and give back to the community.

Previously, Kennebeck worked for 15 years in the service industry, where she became an accomplished customer service representative and developed a passion for solution-based problem solving. Kennebeck holds an Associate of Fine Arts from McHenry County College as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies from Columbia College.

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Posted on

March 6, 2016