Nicole Casanova

CEO and Connection Catalyst, Casanova Ventures

Nicole Casanova’s 1995 Masters was on Targeted Marketing on the Web and she was an early founder in three San Francisco startups, Homestore (, Lycos and Mypoints. All went public. All are still in business. From employee number three to a team of 2000+, overselling a $350k quota by $6.5 mil and negotiating one licensing deal that surpassed a decade’s worth of total revenue, she’s seen rapid growth first hand.

Intrigued with behavior change, she created Shift, a game that shows people why they do what they do. It was sold in hundreds of stores, used in psychology practices, offered in workshops and as an online game with multi-player video chat. And, after working with clients from HP and Coca-Cola to Stephen Covey, she knows the best ways to change behaviors and make them stick – critical for developing the rock star entrepreneurial mindset.

In the cannabis space, Nicole, was the third license holder in Boulder and built Boulder Vital Herbs with a 12,000 square feet grow. She is a startup junkie that loves working with Digital, Tech, Media, LOHAS, socially conscious and women-led companies to uncover and execute on the lever points that will catapult them to success. Whether it’s strategic monetization, messaging or partnerships, Nicole gives them the tools to create massive traction and drive serious revenue. An all out advocate for serving rather than selling, she believes that when we cultivate great relationships we develop the best businesses.

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