Megan Stone

Owner and Principal, The High Road Design Studio, LLC

Megan Stone, owner and principal of The High Road Design Studio, is an interior design consultant specializing in the design needs of cannabis retail businesses. Megan’s background in the building industry, hospitality industry, and medical marijuana industry allows her to create efficient and impressive spaces for her clients, satisfying their needs and elevating their businesses and brands to new levels of success.

Her experience as a patient, budtender, and General Manager of Orange County’s Patient Care’s (OCPC) two Orange County, CA dispensary locations provided her the opportunity to witness first-hand the impacts that proper interior design and branding can play in growing a successful cannabis business and attracting loyal patients and customers. Her daily experience in dispensaries, interacting with patients, vendors, and employees, taught her what customers want and need in their dispensary experience, how to operate an efficient cannabis retail business, and how to capture the potential of this industry by leveraging the retail experience as a way to promote a model of professionalism, legitimacy, and sustainability. Increases in sales, patient/customer loyalty, referral business, and community acceptance are enjoyed when professional interior design is utilized in cannabis retail spaces.

Megan was a recipient of VMSD Magazine’s 2015 Designer Dozen award for her contributions to the retail design industry as a designer under the age of 35. She is a contributing writer on dispensary design for MG Magazine. She has established herself as the leading expert in cannabis retail design and has been featured in national and international publications, including Forbes, VMSD Magazine, Cosmopolitan Online, Marijuana Business Daily, design:retail, Culture Magazine, Blog Da Fal, Marijuana Venture, and Univision’s The Cannabusiness Report. Megan presented on her work at the 2014 & 2015 International Retail Design Conferences, the National Marijuana Business Conference in Chicago, IL in May, 2015, and the Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo in Phoenix, AZ in October, 2015. Megan is a Cornerstone member of Women Grow, and is active in their Phoenix chapter. She stays up to speed and actively involved in the daily happenings of the cannabis retail World as the Marketing and Advertising Coordinator for Phoenix-based TruMed Dispensary, working to implement patient-focused branding strategies for the nationally-recognized dispensary.

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December 7, 2015