Liz Blaz

Co-Founder, Green Delta Consulting, LLC

Liz Blaz Fitch, Co-Founder of Green Delta Consulting, LLC, specializes in relationship building and making the impossible a reality for her clients. A broad resume including sales, dispensary management, bookkeeping, inventory management, corporate recruiting, non-profit fundraising and board management combined with an education based in Economic theory allows Liz to draw from personal experience when helping clients navigate their path towards a license to operate a legal cannabis business in their state. Liz combines her strong national network with creativity and resourcefulness to provide a unique point of view.

Liz is the founding member of the Asheville, NC Women Grow chapter, and helped give a voice and a vehicle to forward thinkers in a prohibition state. Liz and her husband, Will, have recently relocated to Portland, OR to contribute to the fastest growing market in the country. They hope to connect North Carolina with Oregon and other functioning markets to ensure safe patient access and industry standardization in developing markets.


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September 4, 2015