Lezli Engelking

President and Founder, FOCUS: Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards

Lezli’s proven success in both the highly regulated framework of the pharmaceutical industry and launching Arizona’s premiere cannabis brand make her ideal to lead this nascent industry out of the quagmire of severely lacking, patchwork state regulations. Her deep understanding of the ebb and flow between state and federal regulatory frameworks and industry self-regulation makes her exceptionally qualified for her current role as President and Founder of FOCUS: Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards. Lezli previously created standards for self-policing within the cannabis industry, but is now ahead of both industry self-regulation and lawmakers – developing the first ANSI accredited, third party validated, international, quality and safety based cannabis standard in seven comprehensive areas: Cultivation; Retail, Marketing & Patient Care; Extraction; Infused Products; Pharmacology/Laboratory; Security; and Business Sustainability.

Expertise: Public Policy, Policy Development, Regulatory Structures, Public Health, Safety, Consumer Safety, Public Safety, Standards, Non-industry Stakeholders, Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, Strategy, Compliance, Regulation, Business Development.


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March 6, 2015