Laila Makled

DC Chair Leader, Women Grow

For the past 3 years, Laila Makled has worked at Stones’ Phones, a progressive political consulting firm in DC where she heads up their criminal justice, environmental, drug policy and LGBTQ reform work.

Inspired by Stones’ Phones work in 2014 on Initiative 71 in DC, in May of 2015 Laila started a DC chapter of Women Grow– a women’s business cannabis networking organization dedicating to empowering an intersectional group of women to start businesses and take on management positions in the cannabis movement by hosting monthly events with renowned speakers and networking activities.

In 2016, Laila was a part of the first ever National Cannabis Festival as the Advocacy and Federal Relations Outreach Chair, where she rallied 18 drug policy, DC Statehood and harm reduction organizations, 2 US Congress people, and local DC councilmembers to participate in the 5,000-person festival.

Laila also does contract work in event planning with c3 Presents, where she has participated and organized panels and exhibitors for Michelle Obama for the United State of Women Summit and the White House for the first annual SXSL.

Laila grew up in the Great Lakes state of Michigan and is a first generation policy buff in her family. She graduated with honors from Michigan State University at James Madison College with a degree in Social Relations and Policy in June 2014.

Laila’s convictions lie in creating a sustainable, socially equitable world.


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December 21, 2016

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