Kym Ferrari

Curator, 4 Love Oil

Kym Ferrari opens eyes and minds with SYSTEMIC CANNABIS + THC the NEW PROGESTERONE. Learn what “Systemic Cannabis” is, the science behind why THC has the potential to be a revolutionary new hormonal supplement alternative. She enjoys sharing her extensive cannabis knowledge, impressive patient results, over-use symptoms and incredible personal healing journey. The systemic absorption of cannabis is an avant-garde and effective method to supplement our bodies endocannabinoid receptor system. Stress causes Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can help supplement our cannabinoid receptors in these stressed out times. She is has been medicating with cannabis since 1968 and been legal since 2002.

In 2014, under Redwood Trees Alliance, a not-for-profit corporation, Kym became impassioned about and began to investigate the systemic absorption of Δ9THC Acid and Δ9THC applied through vaginal and anal mucous membranes. Creating an organic cannabis infused organic virgin coconut oil for her study, later naming it 4 Love Oil, she has provided 5000+ complimentary samples to verified medical patients through local collectives and legal cannabis events in California; The Emerald Cup, High Times, Hempcon and Women Grow.

Dr. Lizellen LaFollette, a world-renowned Marin County gynecologist verified Kym’s time-reversing systemic THC vaginal results. Ten months later, Kym danced after experiencing The MonaLisa Touch® offered by Dr. LaFollette. This time-reversing, FDA approved, 5 minute, painless, revolutionary vaginal laser technique reverses vaginal atrophy and laxity caused by the natural ageing process. Kym experienced full vaginal revitalization, return to a premenopausal state and reduced urinary urgency. It is also a painless alternative to vaginal mesh & bladder sling surgeries. This unique procedure and the regular use of 4 LOVE Oil is a winning combination for postmenopausal survival. Kym can explain why women no longer need to suffer silently as our mothers did.

Kym Ferrari empowered by the direction, diversity, knowledge and compassion of Women Grow joined as an industry leader with the goal, to “share her knowledge, and improve the lives of women around the world”. She is an ordained minister of Nature, with training in Grief Therapy. A long-time woman’s rights and medical cannabis advocate she has a certificate in Cannabinoid Therapeutics from United Patient Group (UPG). In early 2016, Kym detoxed off Acetaminophen (Tylenol) after 10 years of use and free up cannabinoid receptors for better uses.

In May of 2016, during the UPG conference “Cannabis, the science, the truth”, Kym’s eyes were opened to a deeper understanding of herself, clinical endocannabinoid deficiencies, stress and the positive effects of medical cannabis on many serious treatment-resistant conditions including traumatic brain injury, the autistic spectrum and fibromyalgia from which she has suffered. No longer responsible for Redwood Trees Alliance she is free to focus on her healing, family and sharing her life-altering systemic cannabis knowledge.

Kym married Phil in 1972 and expected to live happily-ever-after. A senior computer systems analyst at age 47, Kym was active and on top of Yosemite Falls. By age 49, Kym was experiencing unexplained disabling fibromyalgia and neurological pain. Educating herself, Kym discovered the life sustaining importance of Systemic Enzymes. In a few short years, she went from wheelchair to the tip-top of Mt. Lassen, and was better able to manager her chronic pain. As the years passed, the pain again became unmanageable. She lost hope as worker’s compensation refused pain-reducing treatments pushing pharmaceutical drugs instead. In 2014, Kym started experimenting with systemic vaginal cannabis and found hope with the synergy of these two healing systemic modalities.

At the age of 9, Kym suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries following two skull fractures resulting in overwhelming headaches, memory and learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyscalculia) and Deja Vu episodes.   Later attending San Rafael High School, a.k.a. 420 High, she quickly discovered the positive medical benefits of smoking pot. With the cultivation of Marin Counties, finest Northern California buds her headaches and Deja Vu episodes dissipated and her focus improved.

In 1968, the words “medical marijuana” were laughable and so were the imported bricks of marijuana. Kym found support in the local Grateful Dead hippy scene. At age sixteen, she informed her parents about her habitual medical marijuana use and gained their support.

With a special place in her heart for children with learning disabilities, Kym helped educate many children over the years. Kym’s persistence for equal education and opportunities for women’s rights, forced San Rafael High School offered their first auto-shop class to girls.

In 1997, the Ferrari’s joined Lynnette Shaw’s Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana (MAMM) the first licensed dispensary in the world. They supported Lynnette, now known as the Godmother of Cannabis, other Marin County collectives and medical patients. In 2011, the federal government threatened property owners, quickly shutting down MAMM. By the end of 2011, only one collective remained in Marin. Phil and Kym participated in the Marin County Marijuana Ordinance, supporting the return of four Marin dispensaries in 2017, supporting multiple compassionate care collectives, their patients and California’s Medical Marijuana Regulations and Safety Act.

Since 2010, Phil and Kym have provided complimentary cannabis consultations and patient educations through Ferrari 420 Tours (420TOURS.US). Kym has provided complimentary Systemic Enzyme consultations through Ferrari of Marin, since 2005. Let Kym open your eyes and mind; arrange for her to speak at your next event or gathering through Women Grow or contact her directly for one-to-one consultations.


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March 6, 2016