Kayvan Khalatbari

Founder, Denver Relief & Denver Relief Consulting

Kayvan Khalatbari has been a cannabis policy reform advocate in Denver, CO for more than a decade, working closely with S.A.F.E.R. and Sensible Colorado long before there was a dollar to be made in the cannabis industry. Since then Kayvan has started several businesses in the cannabis space, including Denver’s oldest dispensary Denver Relief, Illinois’ largest cannabis producer Cresco Labs, Nevada’s philanthropic juggernaut Silver Sage Wellness and world-renowned cannabis consulting firm Denver Relief Consulting (DRC). Kayvan has maintained positive and progressive advocacy as the number one priority in all businesses, putting social progress and improving cannabis perception ahead of profits, including founding the GREEN TEAM in 2009 with business partner Ean Seeb.

Over the past three years DRC has assisted clients in over a dozen states, Washington DC and Canada with securing licenses or improving their existing businesses. License wins include the top applications scores in Nevada and Illinois and winning one of the five licenses recently awarded in Florida. DRC’s partners in Illinois (Cresco Labs) continue to push the envelope with regard to advancing the cannabis movement, including being the first cannabis business to sponsor a national sporting event in the Chicago Marathon and creating an infused product line partnership with James Beard Award winning chef Mindy Segal.

Kayvan sits on the board of directors for the National Cannabis Industry Association, the Illinois Cannabis Industry Association, the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association, the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation, the Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra and is co-chair for a environmental stewardship committee within the Denver Department of Environmental Health. Kayvan’s other cannabis industry businesses include CannaBuild, DRx, Manna Molecular, MassRoots, StinkSack, Whaxy and non-cannabis businesses Birdy Magazine, Sexpot Comedy and Sexy Pizza. He has also been a mentor to three children in the Denver Kids program for over eight years.

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December 22, 2015