Karyn E Wagner

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Karyn E Wagner

Serial Entrepreneur cum Cannabis Entrepreneur

Serial Entrepreneur cum Cannabis Entrepreneur, Karyn E Wagner (KEW to friends and associates) has never been one to “wait her turn.”  She’s a prime mover, inevitably the first to act, making an opening when all ways forward seem to be blocked.

Her lists of “firsts” in the field of cannabis is impressive:

– FIRST branded – and sustainable – Humboldt County collective, the Tea House Collective (2010)

– FIRST women owned – and transparent – processing and extraction facility in Humboldt County (2014)

– FIRST women centric cannabis products from Humboldt County, including SEXXPOT, the blockbuster developed by “women for women” that’s a natural alternative to the so-called “Female Viagra” (2015)

Wagner was a pioneer in organizing cannabis cultivators. She succeeded in aligning small family owned farms who in turn committed to adopt environmentally sustainable agricultural and processing practices – an accomplishment that was all but miraculous, considering the fiercely independent nature of cultivators just a few years ago.

She was the first to see the wisdom of operating her extraction facility “in plain sight” completely transparent to local, state and environmental officials. Wagner sensed the rapidly shifting mood before anyone, realizing that transparency was going to be essential as cannabis went mainstream. Events have proven her foresight accurate.

Utilizing state of the art pharmaceutical grade equipment to process CO2 oils, Wagner led the way in cannabis product development and branding. Her pioneering distribution company, Paradigm Cannabis, now markets under several increasingly familiar and respected brand names, HOME, Super Critical THC, as well as Tea House Collective.

Her trailblazing in cannabis is a natural outgrowth of her tenure as a Natural Products Entrepreneur. As a rising star in one of the nation’s leading suppliers of professional supplements, she saw many highly skilled practitioners struggling in their practices. They understood medicine, but they had difficulty reaching out to their patients. Springing into action, she helped brand their practices, eventually creating her own marketing firm, Success Bootcamp RX, which educated and supported doctors in developing their practices. Several doctors have since become well known national figures.

Being first was par for the course for Wagner, who created the now legendary “Dew Drop Inn” in Manhattan, and Joe’s Bar and Grill, the launch pad for the first genuine cocktail craze and home to many trends (“comfort food”) that are now accepted as de rigueur in hospitality and food circles.

She continues to set her sights on building a women-centric, environmentally friendly cannabis company, and she remains fully committed to advancing principles of sustainability by personally overseeing an enterprise that rigorously adheres to all “good manufacturing practices” in every phase of operation.

Karyn E Wagner leads a new entrepreneurial movement of women business pioneers who “aren’t waiting around to be asked” to join or follow. They’re leading the way.

Someday the world just may take its next cue from KEW!

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December 21, 2016