Karen J. Bernstein

Karen J. Bernstein

Karen J. Bernstein is the Principal of Bernstein IP, a law firm based in New York City that counsels its clients on creative ways to protect their trademark, copyright, trade secrets, and domain names in the emerging legal cannabis industry.
In Karen’s former life she was an executive in the advertising business, as well as having been a personal manager to a major recording artist. Karen also co-wrote of a Top-10 Hit song in Europe that was featured in Billboard Magazine before heading to law school.

Today, Karen brings her unique background and skills to the practice of intellectual property law. Karen also brokers premium domain names and is best known for brokering Occupy.com during the Occupy Wall Street movement. She speaks and writes about significant legal issues affecting the cannabis industry and has been quoted in numerous major media outlets such as Yahoo! Finance on the use of Jimmie Hendrix’s name on a new line of cannabis products. She has also been featured on The PBS Nightly Business Report about the new top level domain name extensions and on the Fox US nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Leslie Marshall Show, about the Right to Be Forgotten ruling against Google in Europe.

Karen may be reached at [email protected]

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January 20, 2016