Julie Dooley

President & Founder, Julie’s Baked Goods

Julie Dooley, president of Julie’s Natural Edibles established in 2010 and a patient with Celiac Disease, created a premium medicated product that gluten-sensitive and health conscious adults in Colorado freely enjoy. The timeless cannabutter and cannacoconut oil extraction kept strain specific sets these edibles apart. Taking her time with plenty of research, development and finding a staff with integrity and a great work ethic she is proud of the company and product line today.

Julie spends much of her time today with Colorado marijuana industry work groups and legislators at the state and national level. When not working, Julie spends her time with family and loves hanging out on any of Colorado’s beautiful mountains. She is a happy wife for 23 years and a calm mother of 3 kind & intelligent kids all of whom are experts on the subject of cannabis.


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