Joel Stanley

Joel Stanley, Chief Executive Officer, CW Botanicals

Board Member, Realm of Caring Foundation

Joel and four of his brothers -Jesse, Jared, Jon, and Jordan- are the creators of the world renowned Charlotte’s Web hemp product.  Charlotte Figi, the namesake of Charlotte’s Web, lives with a rare form of intractable epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome and spent the first five years of her life enduring hundreds of seizures weekly.  Charlotte’s parents tried administering every pharmaceutical recommended by her doctors, none of which worked.  With her parents seemingly out of options, Charlotte was the first to use the cannabinoid-rich hemp oil developed by the Stanley brothers of Colorado and realized positive results immediately.  Over the course of one week, Charlotte’s seizures went from several hundred a week to zero.  After several years using the product, Charlotte continues to experience a 99.9% reduction in seizures.  The story of Charlotte’s Web gained international recognition in 2013 after the airing of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN documentary “Weed”.  After the documentary aired, families across the US moved to Colorado seeking access to Charlotte’s Web products.

Joel Stanley graduated from the University of Colorado in 2002. When he was 21, he bought his first business in the field of flooring and restoration. If money were no object, professional fly-fishing would have been his first choice. Nevertheless, he has striven to remain self-employed ever since.

Before entering into the brave new world of hemp and medical cannabis, Stanley was a fluids engineer in the oil and gas industry. He found fulfillment by taking a chance on this career shift.  According to Stanley, “Why have one boss when you can have three hundred, right?”

Stanley’s current role as CEO of CW Botanicals is to lead the team and expand into higher levels of production in order to provide Charlotte’s Web products to as many clients and families as possible.

After decades spent advocating and knocking adamantly on closed doors, Joel and his brothers marvel as little children like Charlotte Figi have now cracked that door open.

Stanley says, “Sometimes, it takes something we all can sympathize with, something that gets to the core of us, like a suffering child, to help open our eyes. Then, some even admit that maybe we have been wrong about this issue.”

In addition to the pleasure of seeing people get well, Stanley enjoys witnessing these special families break through the barriers and propaganda that come from collective fear and misunderstanding. He remains honored to be part of this journey and hopeful that success stories of Charlotte’s Web users will continue to open doors.


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April 9, 2016

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