Jane Fix

Jane Fix

Head of Patient Services, Monarch

Started out as a manager of a caregiver collective in Phoenix, AZ from November of 2011. Hired by Monarch Dispensary in Scottsdale, AZ in April of 2013 as Head of Patient Services. Personally using cannabis since the late 60’s. Married to a cultivator in Hawaii. I was teaching fourth grade in Phoenix when medical marijuana was being voted into law. I have a college background of botany courses and a BA in education from ASU.

My day is spent consulting patients who are new to the medicine or now for the first time using is medicinally. I stay current by reading one to two hours of research a day. However, most of my working knowledge comes from the five years of patient feedback. When a patient comes into see me I make a plan for them and their medicine then do a new patient check 2 or 3 days later. I work with the patients until they get squared away with medicine that works to alleviate their conditions.

Known by my local Women’s Grow Chapter as the “Mother Teresa of Mary Jane” I have not met a person that I could not flip into a patient. I attribute this to my strong belief that cannabis is good for what ails you.

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December 11, 2015