Hilary Dulany

Director of Operations, ACCUVAPE

Hilary Dulany has eighteen years of marketing experience, focusing on the developing legal cannabis market for the last 7 years.  She was one of the original organizers of the first medical marijuana expo in MI, founded the first business trade journal for the Medical Marijuana Industry in the Midwest (The Midwest Cultivator), then reformatted a new trade journal for national distribution (The American Cultivator).

The publication reached 13 states with up to 40,000 copies per issue, before Hilary donated it to My Compassion®, one of only 4 MMJ-related 501c-3’s in the country. The publication is still in print, managed and distributed by My Compassion®.

Before she began in the legal cannabis industry, she was a niche market specialist. Her firm, Grass Roots Promotion & Design, LLC was founded in 2002, and still takes select projects to date.

Managing the publications on a national level, combined with infrastructure and brand development work through the firm provided a front row seat to market segmentation development and growth patterns in the cannabis industry.  It also showed where holes were developing in the market.  Even in the most saturated segments, the needs of user populations were being overlooked.

Hilary Dulany founded ACCUVAPE in 2013—a uniquely-positioned vaporizer manufacturer, approaching the market from another angle through:

• Electronics Management Services
• Wholesale Order Guarantees
• Extensive Private Label Services
• Online Retail and Wholesale Outlets with Wholesale Account Order Access 24-7
• Nation-Wide Distribution, Via Regional Distribution Firms and Educated Sales Teams
• Inclusive Marketing Promotions and Value-Driven Programs for Retailers
• Retail, Wholesale and Distributor Live Support, 7 Days a Week

ACCUVAPE services the Vaporizer, USB Charging Device and Legal Cannabis markets. Hilary Dulany is the current Director of Operations.

Hilary Dulany
[email protected]
C: 734-652-1631



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