Heather Jackson

CEO, Realm of Caring Foundation

Heather Jackson has been a part of the non-profit world for fifteen years; always with fascinating and innovative start-ups, and always with a groundbreaking or disruptive focus. She is now the CEO of the Realm of Caring Foundation. Her passion came after her son Zaki displayed complete seizure remission on Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil in 2012. She went from caring for Zaki while he received hospice palliative services to helping families from all over the world educate themselves and access cannabinoid therapy. Disruptive? Yes! You do not get much more disruptive than cannabis for children. However, she no longer sees it that way. To Heather, it is a human rights issue. Parents of children with life limiting conditions, and adults alike should be able to choose this option, and she will not rest until that vision is realized.
She has now dedicated her life to furthering research, education and advocacy into this often misunderstood therapy option. The Realm of Caring has experienced explosive growth from tracking their original few children to engaging over 4,000 in research protocols in two years with over 22,000 members and no slowing down in sight. The Realm of Caring has the largest IRB approved registry in the world, and is currently tracking the largest population using cannabinoids for epilepsy.
The Realm of Caring has received both national and international attention and has been featured on CNN with Sanjay Gupta, Dateline, The View, New York Times, National Geographic, 60 minutes and many more.

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Posted on

February 22, 2016