Genifer Murray

Founder, Carbon Blue

Genifer Murray is a visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from Colorado State University. As a huge fan of science In 2010, Murray established CannLabs, one of Colorado’s first medical marijuana testing laboratories. CannLabs is one of America’s premier cannabis testing facility that offers potency, microbial, pesticide and heavy metal testing. CannLabs has a licensed laboratory in Denver, Colorado. Murray is an advocate for health and safety, research and responsible testing. She has been invaluable in the development of a credible and safe medical marijuana industry in Colorado and has advised several additional states.

Genifer has served on the Colorado Governor’s Taskforce for the implementation of Amendment 64 bringing her expertise on cannabis testing to the team.   In July 2014 Brookings Institute white paper, John Hudak reports: “The creation of the task force was among the most important administrative actions in the implementation of legalized marijuana in Colorado. It was also among the most successful.”

Murray has become an industry leader advocating for legalization and regulation to ensure product safety, cannabis testing and quality assurance.  Using expertise and industry knowledge, she has become a trusted resource for the industry, governments, and national media. Working with state and foreign governments Murray is seen as a leading specialist on responsible legislation. Educating clients and patients she has led the effort to create a credible and safe industry.

Ms. Murray also continues her leadership and advocacy for regulation by consulting on panels and speaking at various conferences and coalitions around the country. In February 2014, Genifer lectured at the University of Colorado on testing for cannabis. She also spoke at the first annual Cannabis Investment Conference, targeted to the investment community, where she shared her vision for her organization. She has been on CNN and quoted in USA Today. She is actively involved in several industry non-profit organizations like The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) that lobby’s on a national level. Also, The Realm of Caring, which was developed to ensure that patients could receive treatment with medical marijuana and hemp products. In addition, Genifer has a “pay-it-forward” philosophy by mentoring and offering support to other women entrepreneurs through her active participation as a founding member in the organization Women Grow.

Genifer has now launched Carbon Blue which is a consulting company covering all aspects of science, health & safety, laboratory set up, training, education, along with much more. She will continue to speak around the world as the champion for cannabis health and safety.



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September 1, 2014