Ellis Smith

Chief Development Officer & Co-founder, American Cannabis Company

Ellis has 15 years of horticultural experience, 8 years owning/operating businesses, and 2 years of international business. Working in the specialty cut flower market and running indoor gardens at an early age helped him understand complex growing systems and production protocols. Prior to starting American Cannabis Company Inc. (ACC), Ellis, along with ACC CEO Corey Hollister, owned and operated a medical cannabis center called The Village Green Society (VGS) in Boulder, Colorado. During his time operating VGS, Ellis was able to successfully manage his business’ vendor relations. Other accomplishments include; identifying pest mitigation protocol for the hemp russet mite, as featured in Skunk Magazine.

Ellis works to perpetuate ACCs vision of redefining society’s relationship with cannabis through responsible stewardship. After selling the VGS in 2013, Ellis and Corey started ACC for the purpose of providing consulting and advisory services to the cannabis industry. Some of Ellis’s achievements include increasing yields by 111% for the Green Solution, while decreasing input costs.  Also, Ellis consulted for La Contes dispensary in Denver, where he raised yields 30% on two separate consulting periods.

Ellis’ first hand knowledge in dispensary management has provided him with the expertise necessary to guide first-time and established cannabis based businesses within regulated markets. Ellis has utilized this knowledge to develop cutting edge cultivation systems with the ACC team.  Systems like the High Density Cultivation System and The Cultivation Cube are used to increase production in any given amount of square footage.  This experience has also aided him building an expert team of consultants that help grow the next frontier of the cannabis industry.

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