Daniela Vergara

CEO & Co-Founder, Agricultural Genomics Foundation

Daniela Vergara is an evolutionary biologist who received her doctorate in 2013 from Indiana University’s Ecology, Evolution and Behavior program. She is currently advised by Professor Nolan Kane from CU Boulder’s biology department. Daniela along with Dr. Kane and two colleagues also under Kane’s direction started the Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative (CGRI), group that aims in understanding the Cannabis genome. CGRI plans to associate important phenotypic properties from the plant such as the production of cannabinoids, terpenoids and sex determination to specific regions of the genome.

Specifically Daniela has been exploring the maternally inherited genomes such as the chloroplast and the mitochondria. The CGRI group also started a non-profit organization, The Agricultural Genomics Foundation (AGF) that aims in becoming a genomic repository (“library of genomes”) helping CGRI perform their research.”

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April 18, 2015