Dahlia Mertens

Dahlia Mertens

Founder, Mary Janes Medicinals

Dahlia Mertens founded Mary Jane’s Medicinals in 2009. Originally from Chappaqua NY, she first experienced the Colorado life style when she moved to Boulder to attend CU, where she received her BFA in theater and performance. Dahlia moved to Telluride in 2002 and has happily resided in the charming and spectacularly beautiful mountain town ever since. She became licensed as a massage therapist in 2004 and practiced in Telluride for 5 years until she was introduced to an infused massage oil in California when she was there in 2009 visiting a friends northern Californian farm. She was amazed how well the topical application of cannabis worked to relax muscles. When she returned to Colorado she began infusing oils to use on her clients, and the business blossomed from there. Currently MJM products are in about 200 dispensaries in Colorado, and the business is expanding to more states.

Dahlia is active with the Telluride Repertory Theater, and has performed in over 50 productions during her time in Telluride. She lives with her 13 year old basset hound mix Rosie Joan Lovenson and her 2 year old very gaseous rottweiler Bear. You can typically find her and her pack in the back yard at Smurf Cottage contentedly tending to her flowers.


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March 14, 2015