Corinne Malanca

Corinne Malanca

Co-Founder, United Patients Group

Corinne Malanca is the Co-Founder of United Patients Group, the unparalleled online resource and trusted leader for medical cannabis information and education for physicians, patients and health-related organizations.
Corinne had spent most of her professional life working within the music industry, which dates back nearly 30 years to when she began working for one of the industry’s leading music producers. Her path led to the publishing side of the business and she remains an active Grammy member.

As a California native, she was born into a family that supported their community and well beyond, learning about compassionate service at an early age through her volunteerism with the 4-H organization and whose pledge “Head, Heart, Hands and Health” continue to be a cornerstone she has shared and fostered with her children, and now into her life as a business leader.
As many great movements often come out of adversity, Corinne’s path to the world of medical cannabis began when her father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer that quickly metastasized to his brain. Medical cannabis emerged as not only a way to potentially dignify her father’s last days, but in fact resulted in a complete remission of the cancer, and he is alive today. As a result, Corinne’s experience served as the catalyst to bring information, education and continued research on medical cannabis and the result is United Patients Group.

Her work in the private and non-profit sectors is squarely focused on bringing innovation and progress to the medical cannabis movement while always remembering to hold “the virtual hand” of suffering patients and their families through this ever changing industry.


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September 9, 2015